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In order to access your akashic records, we will use your full name. If you are in this camp, you probably have read books (many books. I will need the following information to locate you in and be granted access to your akashic records:. The akashic record is a vibrational record of every person’s soul and its journey. First, the akashic record does exist — not as a written document in material form, but as an energetic form or field. Perhaps they exist in a universal field–the akashic field–that pervades the entire universe. What can i do to prepare for my reading. With practice, you can tune into lifetimes of information from your souls records in a single visit to the akash. This type of reading works best as an interaction, therefore i always try my best to make it live. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching, where he teaches others to channel. Within the context of the records, your ancestral history, past life influences, environmental conditions, childhood experiences and more can reveal a path to profound relief, seeing them as sacred wounds rather than burdens to continually bear. All readings are conducted over the phone and take about 50 minutes. So, three facts about the record:. Akashic records and past lives have an impact upon our present life and its potentials and probabilities, and any exploration of them can help to provide us with insights into the nature of ourselves. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support spiritual missions, keep hidden spiritual hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. According to max heindel’s rosicrucian writings, the memory of nature (akashic records) may be read in three different worlds (planes). Are still reading my words. In the records, we can:.  now with "how to read the akashic records" you can learn to connect with this divine source for infinite joy, inner peace, and fulfilment. One of the greatest benefits from doing an akashic record reading is the sense of direction a person can gain regarding deep-seated life issues. Your awareness will change as you penetrate deeper levels of the reading, analysing the transformations of the elements. The process is interactive so as the reading unfolds it is common to discover new questions or aspects of this life to investigate. Nine essential guidelines to maximize your efficiency in the records. -- how will we access the akashic records in this book. People often ask me if i can read my own records, and the answer is "yes". Mckenzie recorded that he used the bhrigu-samhita in the early 1970s and also verified its accuracy. The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. I just listened to the recording and the information/energies went even deeper – amazing. Reading the akashic records for yourself is like tuning your intuition into the right station: the static is gone – imagine clearly spoken guidance with the soothing balance of meditation. These are sample scenarios that might prompt you to have a reading:. Akashic energy rises on the formed word – which means, the more we talk about a problem/issue/circumstance, the more the energy rises. I feel like i've never dipped my toe into the vastness of the akashic realm. Yet, when the clients choose to use the suggestions the angels give them in my readings, the results they get are incredibly positive.  the information you can discover in an akashic record readings. "the akashic records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence as well as all its future possibilities. Myself), you can access the "akashic records" by inducing the necessary. Insight and guidance from the record can assist all of us to see our work in the highest value and deliver our goods and services in the most loving manner possible. Honestly, in the month or so after having our records read, it felt like our lives fell apart all at once. These records connect each one of us to one another. Bonus #1: the akashic tarot video introduction - $111 value. The akashic records is a term used in theosophy (and anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of (mystical) knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. Since the akashic plane is adjacent to the causal and mental planes, essences focused on those planes can access it most easily. This can result in inaccuracy in reading, and further, your brain can get overloaded. Howe's explanation of the records is by far the most approachable one i've ever read and is beneficial for all readers; however, i do not recommend the book alone for beginners of trance work or of the records, themselves. You’ll get glimpses of soul-level memories from your akashic records as well as current-life memories from your subconscious memory files. In the akashic plane of the universe, an etheric. “that was one of the best akashic records readings i have experienced. To enjoy 80 minutes together for a reading and personalize coaching, tap here to find a time to connect. Online akashic records reading - psychicworld. The akashic records are a vibrational record of each soul and its journey through all of time. The first time i opened my personal records, i noticed  a vibration that felt something like a deep fog horn sounds, if that makes any sense.   references to the akashic records, or the eternal book of life, date back to antiquity. She has worked in the records to do readings for herself and others, to analyze the feng shui energy of hundreds of homes and businesses, to write a feng shui book and more than 60 children’s books (including the spiritual parable. Readings take approximately 45 minutes including time for reflection and clarification should that be needed. Getting this uncomfortable reading can be the start of changing your life—if you so choose.   as a researcher of earth and cosmic energies, malkiel also provides supportive akashic clearings for mother earth. I bought mona's akashic records class after my friend talked about it endlessly.   before you called, i said a prayer to my spirit guides to make this a fun and playful reading. What sort of 'negativity' do you clear in my akashic record. About the person for whom he was giving the reading. Those are the best types of questions to bring to your reading. Imagine the possibilities that accessing your own records can have for you. Hence these phrases, "records," "akashic pictures," etc. How to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey, the akashic records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. In the past it was only the mystics, saints and scholars who had access to this resource, however as mass consciousness has developed the akashic records are now available to all who can respect this infinite source of spiritual wisdom and light. Are known as the "guardians of the akashic records". Despite claims that the akashic records have been used by mystics throughout history, there are not any direct references to the akasha to be found in any of the historical documentation of the aforementioned groups. What are the akashic records and how do we access them. If the answer is yes to any of the above scenarios so akashic records reading is definitely  for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what to expect during an akashic record reading with me and i hope you have been able to gain a little more insight into what that entails. Readings may be done in person or over the phone and you may take notes and record your session. Many attempt to access the records and feel they are researching historical events, galactic issues and all kinds of other things. Praise for the akashic tarot. In order to go into the akashic record, i raise my vibration with a breathing exercise and say certain prayers. I found the light of my truth in the spiritual practice of the akashic records. An akashic record is created every time an individual soul separates from this source to exist as an independent entity here on earth.  this way, whatever lifetime we are in, we can gain entry and find the blueprint, or the "record," of our individual soul (or the other being read), and examine the path to its realization and awareness of its connection to source. This blog/site is about the akashic records and addresses the following topics:. You can’t force a reading on somebody. The system that i present in the course is a way of accessing the akashic records and doing readings, using a pendulum. An akashic records reading is the process of accessing an individual’s akashic records through channeling or astral travelling. I wrote about my first visits to the akashic records back in 2007. Whether in personal akashic records consultations, or in-person or online classes, working in this way provides an opportunity to see your self and life from the perspective of the soul, empowering living in conscious alignment with authentic truths.   i really think if every person could just once witness themselves giving a stranger a totally accurate reading, we’d have world peace. This is a powerful time and opportunity to press even deeper into the amazing and sacred tool that are the akashic records. Although it is often referred to as a library, the records are actually a living and dynamic field, filled with wisdom, love, and knowledge. This has been the best advice and most accurate reading i have ever received. Some psychics directly access at least the surface of the akashic plane.   while the akashic network recognizes the high level of training of the teachers listed here, each teacher is solely responsible for his or her work. Thefirst was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and thesecond was the akashic records. In terms of the future, the akashic records of the future are an ever-evolving reservoir of possibilities that we create based on our experiences and how we deal with those experiences in the present”. Thiaoouba prophecy, the author is abducted by supreme alien beings, that in one part of the book guides him through the akashic records. As paramahamsa nithyananda read, a number of surprising revelations came to light on topics as diverse as why did judas betray jesus and what is the mystery of the bermuda triangle, to locating a missing husband. In reality, no special powers or abilities are needed to get into the akashic records. Specifically, here is just a sample of what the akashic records reading can provide for you:. Akashic records access is very similar to fine-tuning a radio. Noelani rodriguez | intuition readings, publishing, consulting. When you approach the akashic records as spiritual practice, you join as a traveller willingly engaging with your life within the great unknown of the boundlessness.   the akashic records are a place where every thought, action and emotion from all of our lifetimes are stored. Practical tips and insights for deepening your practice of working in the records. Other people just don't possess this facility and have a hard time, even with the prayer, to access the records for themselves. They will help read the signs, but they will also help translate a lot of the information that is left unnoticed. Many assert that our reality is a hologram and the akashic records directly affects the way we perceive our reality. This definition is all you need to understand in order to work effectively with your records. These records are energetic, which you learn to read.

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In fact, it’s why i’m so passionate about teaching akashic records reading. In this third course, you will experience the transformative process of accessing the akashic record for another person, business, or pet. I can invite the soul of the relationship, the soul of future possibilities and more into these readings. An akashic records reading assists you receive clarity, discover your soul’s purpose, skills, abilities, and insight about your life. Through the akashic records readings she's able to tell us of several significant stories of our previous lives. Note: an akashic records reading is recommended before a plr session, particularly if you are new to this process. Your akashic records reading includes all of the following:. Johnny was given the knowledge through a ceremony and a sacred prayer in which to open the records. When requesting & paying for an akashic record reading, consent to open & work in your akashic records is implied. 8  help me to know (myself/first name of individual being read). I contact my guides and they give me your record. You can read the akashic records. It's always been one of my main goals to visit the akashic records. A link to the recording will be emailed to you to download as an mp-3. Now you’ve experienced an akashic record reading, you can request one for yourself by clicking here. Please thoroughly read and understand these before writing and sending your questions. Akashic record reading: this is your first step. The records are a vast resource filled with the wisdom and energetic input that many find inspirational and supportive to their own soul's growth. The akashic records are understood to have existed since the beginning of the creation and even before. The length of a reading, as well as the nature of the information, directly depend on your energy and what you are prepared to know. The records are set up to only reveal themselves to the person with the same subtle energetic blueprint or resonance as the recorded files.   our choices (our thoughts, actions, words or intentions) create an energetic vibration in time and space and the akashic records are where those energetic choices are recorded. You can request information of your choice in the second and or subsequent readings. Science and the akashic field, second edition, inner traditions 2007. An akashic records reading consists of opening the record of your soul and allowing that information to come forward. The information given in a reading assists you to express your own divine nature in everyday life. Most clients feel that the information from the records was exactly right-on for what they needed at that very point, and they move back into their lives to put the information to use in whatever way seems appropriate to them. The sanskrit word akasha means ‘sky’, ‘space’, ‘luminous’ or ‘ether’; an etymology that encompasses the all-knowing aspect of the akashic records. In addition to opening the records ourselves, we can find great clarity through an akashic record reading. Record your experience, and enjoy the process of learning and discovering. Past life regression vs an akashic records reading. Otherwise, negative drives like greed or hatred can make interpretation that much more difficult because these negative drives can mask the essential truths that the akashic records have to offer. The akashic records exist for everyone on this planet. Every soul that exists has a ‘record. I will give you ample opportunity to add input and ask questions during the reading, so please make sure you ask whatever you need to know while the reading is happening. This package is identical to the life transition package above, except it includes an extra twenty minutes in each reading when i will provide coaching based on what we learn from your divine team. "o to read the akashic recordsby #inda "oe. On page vii of the introduction, leadbeater says the information in the book is a result of his inspection of the akashic record.

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This is the best and most affordable comprehensive program for accessing the akashic records and becoming a certified akashic records reader available. Records for thousands of years (this rarely happens). Do you perform your readings online. Anyone can access the records now, coupled with the right intention then why not. There you will work with your masters, teachers, and loved ones to cultivate a rich relationship with the records, and ultimately learn to unleash your highest potential. Throughout the universes other recorders function regarding both formal records and living records. The subject of what constitutes an akashic record reading defies easy answers. Being in the richness of the record can help people in every area of life. I felt an unexplainable connection to this secret place and was pleasantly surprised when i consciously accessed the akashic records for the first time many years after. Many people who want to access the akashic records wonder just what types of readings there are and what information can actually be drawn and accessed from the akashic records. This reading will bring new clarity and perspective and you will learn how to make new choices, in alignment with your soul’s essence, in order to manifest your desired intention. Everything we think, say, feel and do is recordered. As far as proving the existence of the akashic records, it doesn’t seem to be possible. He had several readings over the years, but did not take the information he received to heart. Making use of the sort of information revealed in akashic records readings could enable you to move past obstacles in your life and become more fulfilled. Doing a reading with teri helps you do just that. Akashic readings – soul record reading. ‘by having my akashic records read and having you connect to my guides was a truly profound and wonderful experience for me. Akashic records reading vs a psychic reading – what’s the difference. So if i can access my own akashic record, why would i need a reading. Learn how you can use the records to expand your creativity and discover new talents and abilities. What makes these cards so unique is that they enable you to easily activate the incredible power of the akashic records in your own life. The energy of the records moves on the formed, or spoken, word. I would highly recommend having a reading with michelle. That’s what an akashic record reading offers: depth and perspective. “i recently graduated from anna’s akashic record program. The akashic records are the past, present and future knowledge of all things.   some people work in the records in support of artistic endeavors, such as photography, pottery, painting, writing, and composing. Learn how to use the records for healing. In the first place then it seems, in investigating the past by means of the so-called akashic records, that it is the conscious memory of the logos which forms their ultimate source. By the end of this course, you will be reading yourself and others, and can use it to build a practice as an akashic records reader or psychic. What are the akashic records. Personal sessions consist of akashic records readings, theta belief & energy healing, psychic mediumship, hypnosis or combination of services. What can you expect from an akashic records consultation. The akashic record is a field of energy which connects all of us together with all that is good and loving in the universe. In theosophy and new age discourse the akashic records are records of all knowledge, including all human experience, held in the universe. Your questions must be written down before we begin because you ask them all at once when your records are opened. “cayce told one woman (752-1) that the soul became aware of the relevant information impressed on the akashic records whenever that individual applied whatever knowledge she or he possessed.

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Database which contain a record of the soul's journey. Health readings specify areas of mental, emotional, and physical disharmony along with corrective measures;. Usually, i think of scrying when i imagine a diviner using obsidian, but lately i’ve found that its grounding and absorbing properties have been helpful during my readings.    armed with these two keys, what you can learn from the records is unlimited. Also, the reader has an advantage as he/she has already attained the capability to open the akashic portal. Carry out akashic records readings called soul realignment. A defining moment that propelled me forward on my personal spiritual journey was reading.   instead, it is recorded energetically in the vibration of the love that makes up everything in the universe. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. Akashic records | definition of akashic records by medical dictionary. An audio cd of your reading is included. Paramahamsa nithyananda explains that the individual akashic records of each being are recorded in our dna. In truth they never will find a hall of records, as that is a term referencing the frequency grids that create our reality, nothing more, and will not be accessed until consciousness evolves back into light at the end of the program. Vicky has been teaching and giving akashic record readings for many years, she trained in bali with ernesto ortez and became a 4th generation akashic consultant. The akashic records contain the past, present and future knowledge of all things. For all soul connections: healing and guidance from the akashic records.   in the case of a family living at the property, other family members may benefit from a soul realignment™ reading and clearing. Helpful at any point in the life of the group, a reading can help clarify or create mission, appraise opportunities and potentials, seek solutions to current issues and problems, or develop guidelines for strategic planning. Your akashic records are watched over by your masters, teachers and loved ones who stand ready to share their deepest wisdom, compassion and unconditional love with you. So what anime’s have the akashic records appeared in and to what degree. On the akashic plane, supposedly the “conscious memory of the logos of our system” was imprinted, according to bertram keightley, a major theosophical figure. – is there a refund policy for read akashic records. Having my akashic records read by sylvia was truly a transformative experience…. You'll want to make sure that you think about the whole theory of akashic records before you make a judgment. Accessing ones akashic records with the persons permission. Your soul sends out a specific “signature” frequency that feels like you, and this data is always being transmitted and collected in your akashic record. This helps during feng shui consultations and classes, as well as in akashic readings. The akashics are open to everyone who seeks to find the answers to their questions and to act on what they find. As far as proving the existence of the akashic. As our akashic records are deliberately made available for each of us to have access to then it’s not too difficult to access these. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. Readings of your akashic records by lumari. You are free to record the session. In addition to the above, i also do clearing of negative programs from the akashic records. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. Here’s people that said i predicted their marriages in  readings.

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4) how long should a reading last. The akashic records are often compared to a universalcomputer or the mind of god. I have learnt how to channel words from the akashic records that i would like to share with others. With the assistance of a professional who is trained in reading akashic records. The akashic records have enriched juliette’s life in myriad ways. The akashic records are a vibrational recording of everything that has ever been said, done or thought. "the akashic records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every. Afterwards you will be emailed the completed reading so that you can read it at your leisure and use it as a reference in future. They have been known as the “book of life”, the “book of knowledge” and edgar cayce called them the “hall of records”. The sphinx is a divine messenger and repository of cosmic akashic, or spiritually informed, wisdom. In his exciting work on the innate nature of cosmic consciousness, dr lazslo describes an energy field, like the electromagnetic and gravitational fields, which records and transmits all information generated by any event, organism or object. Now i'm thinking i just have to keep trusting my inner knowing and that's my connection to the akashic records, so i'm fully satisfied. Every time we access the records, our awareness is affected by this quality of light, and we become "en-lightened" by it. Akashic records readings help us get really clear so we start to live in alignment, we attract the best spiritual help to us, and life gets really simple and fun. As mentioned above, the language of the akashic records is encoded in vibration, like the dna of the universe, comprised of pictures, symbols, words, perception and sensory information. Cayce explained that the akashic records not only store everything in the past of an individual but they also contain all the future possibilities and potentials for our lives. How to work on present records to create the life you desire. Her comments about god as "an emergent phenomenon" resonated strongly for me as an akashic records practitioner and teacher. Still others have been able to tap into the records by using the symbols of the healing practice known as reiki. Help me to know (myself) in the light of the akashic records,. What i do is to tap into your akashic records, just as i would a written reading. “having an akashic record reading from seema came at the perfect time. When having an akashic records reading, frame your answers with. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. Working with the sacred prayer provides a reliable, deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the record responsibly. When you're ready to take your first steps toward opening your akashic records, you will be divinely guided and supported. What is the akashic field. In most writings, the akashic records are referred to as the world’s supercomputer; containing all human experiences and knowledge. But we don't know we're accessing the records when we do that. Glad this work is now available in book form to help readers heal, grow and expand through the records. I offer this as a face-to-face reading or an email reading. Obviously, then, the flow of information from the records needs to be filtered and managed. Information about these akashic records – this book of life – can be found in folklore, in myth, and throughout the old and new testaments. Akashic record readings are the most powerful information you can access to shift your vibration and your consciousness to become the truth of all that you are.

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You can read an article i wrote about life lessons here. Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. Lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud of scripture or holy text where the reader listened with body and mind, heart and soul, allowing the words and their energetic vibrations of spirit to open awareness to the presence of divinity within and without. The clear truth contained in the "akashic. Learn to read yours and others akashic records at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Who can access the akashic records.                suggested reading for the akashic records. You’ll learn to read your own akashic records. The reading mona did for me was the akashic record relationship reading, and i found it so interesting and accurate that i had to ask her how she does it. Once you are in, you give your guides the relevant birth information and they find the right akashic record ‘file’ for you. — were sourced from the akashic database. %ne of the great tools for the development of our consciousness is the akashic record. Like all powerful forms of energy healing, akashic record healing focuses on surrendering to the will of the universe and working as a medium to provide healing energy to fuel the client's inner healer. I value your privacy and never share your personal or financial information, or the content within your reading with anyone. I am sorry but i won’t be able to offer a refund in the event that there are technical issues with the recording (such occurrence are rare though). I knew i wanted to study working in the akasha so i could give these beautiful readings. Notice your connection to the records, to the universe, to everyone and everything, and when you're ready…. I offer 45 and 75 minute readings. The purpose of a spirit guide profile reading is to familiarise you with your spirit guide team, so you will be able to recognise spiritual guidance more easily and be able to develop a personal relationship with them. For some people, the akashic records are held in a body of information likened to a great, ancient library that is somehow far away and very difficult to access. The keepers of your akashic records are ready and waiting for you to ask about what could bring you closer to the experience of life you desire. The information contained within the akashic records can assist us profoundly in creating.  the pathway prayer process-a "password" for admittance into the records. The beauty of an akashic records reading is that it allows for a conversation with your self with the aim of resolving a problem. The content was excellent and the ability to practice with the class has helped me feel confident and ready to explore the akashic records. The first time i journeyed to the akashic records i was following a guided script read by another person.

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All for having this reading. The science of reading your akashic records is vast, and i will give you some tips to get you started in accessing information for yourself from your soul and higher self. Keightley explained in 1897 that the akashic records merely recorded the events of the past and stored them in the sky (following chitragupta’s precedent from the. The records each entity makes are written or impressed upon.   the akashic records consultant will tell the client exactly what they see or hear or sometimes feel. Fortunately, the bible tells us the deeds of each man are recorded. However, accessing one’s own records requires approaching them with an attitude of love, caring, and compassion. Grounded with the success stories of dozens of people whose lives have been touched by the records, this comprehensive guidebook will help you confidently read the records for yourself or another and find inspiration for your own spiritual path.  i opened it to a page somewhere in the middle and was completely astonished to find that the words i was reading were about me. During a reading we look at a 1-3 issues within your past lives where the energy of the situation is still playing itself out in present life and affecting you in a negative manner. In this article i explain how the spirit encounters the akashic record in the heavenly worlds and may have a tangible experience as the halls of learning. If you want to en-“lighten” up your party, i am available to provide mini readings that are quick, yet informative. However, the records can not only give you events from the past, but probable events from the future as well.   many of us experience these glimpses of the akashic records on a daily basis. There’s something magical about the akashic records–when someone gets ready to learn to read the akashic records, there is usually a lot of power in the room. Your akashic records can also reveal:.   the first akashic reading i was ever given blew my mind and ignited my passion to do this work. We will all read these records after we die, and we will all be judged by what lies within. Org analyze board, you’ll find a lot of answers related to the read akashic records:. Learn to communicate and commune with the reservoir of wisdom and support the akashic record field has to offer you. The intuitive information we receive is filtered through our soul's past experiences and lessons, all of which is stored in our record. Every akashic record reading is a special event. How to prepare for an akashic records consultation. Remember, only information from the records that is important for the souls growth at this time is revealed and nothing more. The "akashic records" (even practitioners) cannot make this exploration. I mean if you're reading this then you have access to the internet. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. What ultimately remains on the akashic plane is the distillation, what was learned, which is what is relevant for the universe to carry forward into the future. In this light, the akashic records are responsible for judging and evaluating each and every individual to make sure that in the end, every individual comes out in his finest form. Readings are available on thursday evenings. Q: what religion is the reading of akashic records tied to. And they have access to the karmic record recorded in individuals and in a mainframe database accessible somewhere in the sky, space, or heavens (all valid definitions of the. Akash is the actual energy signature held within the ether. Now i realize that yours was one of the best readings i’ve had.

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If this is your first time hearing of the akashic records, then you’re probably wondering what in the world they are. The information in the akashic records helps us bring our past and our future together to understand what is going on in our present lives.  the reason i know this for sure is because i've seen my own akashic records firsthand, and i've witnessed the angels in their scribing. Akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. In the same spirit, an akashic record reading is a divinely inspired reading aloud of an individual’s holy energetic flow. In fact, many people report being healed by reading/hearing these books. In an akashic record reading the records of one’s soul are open allowing a flow of information to be established from this profound spiritual level into the present. Mention the records when working with their kings. There is a genuine curiosity to see if akashic records practice can help a person along on the spiritual journey. How to make changes in your current life with akashic records. She teaches and reads the akashic records, oracle, tarot and angel cards.  everyone should learn how to read their akashic records. - visit the bardo (the twilight realm, located between physical and spirit) to meet with your higher self for an illuminating conversation then go together to visit the akashic temple to view a past life from within a floating orb. Learning to use the akashic records has been one the best gifts i have ever given myself. I will close your record and you will not be charged for the session. In a lucid dream i had once, i read a page about myself from the akashic records. If my visit is to consult the records of another being, i make sure i have the information i need on that person: full name, age, date and place of birth.   i emailed noelani a question and she sent me a long detailed reading that included aspects of my life that are not common knowledge. Learn how to access your own akashic records and the records of others. If you had a traumatic experience in the past and you dealt with it—if you evolved your experience of that trauma—that, too, goes into the records. So, when you look into your personal record, you are able to gain some very detailed information about who you are on a soul level and how the life lessons you chose for this lifetime (yup, you. The life situations reading is designed for returning clients who want to resolve specific issues that they are currently encountering. Therefore, information is preserved in everett’s multiverse, which is a possible stage for akashic physics. Your being walks in greater awareness from the time you have your akashic records read. Accessing akashic records using meditation and dreams. Please enter akashic reading in the subject line. I'm having so much fun learning from you in the akashic records workshop. “even days after my first reading with andy, i am still very moved. They were meant to be read and you deserve. Step 6:  close the akashic records. I would like to thank the lords of the akashic records for their point of view. Book an akashic records reading with me today. Readings who are genuine and very inspiring.

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Imagine where your energy will be, when you add the teachers, angels and guides from the akashic records to your group of “5” :) ). The clear truth of akashic records. This ritual to access akashic records will take some months to complete, so you will need a sacred space where you can keep the tarot in the order that they were shuffled and dealt out. Going into the akashic records is fascinating. Have fun with your colorful journeys in the akashic records as you continue to expand into greater understandings and visions of past, present and future to benefit you at the deepest levels. Although the records are not predictive in nature, there can be glimpses into future life possibilities. Your being on a particular piece of land, for instance, automatically biases your looking into the akashic records to the records of that land, unless you specifically ask for something else. Learn to read your spiritual resume in the akashic records, never doubt your spiritual abilities again, you have been doing this work in lifetimes. Linda howe shares this in her book on akashic record reading and . The vibration of that name then makes available to the practitioner the set of records containing the information that will be most relevant during the reading. How to read akashic records | ehow in order to read the akashic records, you need to be in a trance state.   with the support of my partner, rob i decided not to return to the corporate world and i was guided to study reading the akashic records myself. This will sharpen your own overall psychic sense and may open you up to doing other forms of readings, such as mediumship and angel readings. A person could also have access to universal records such as a planet’s record from a planet’s perspective:. Todeschi states, "the akashic records are the impulse. Before your reading, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the akashic records are, why you may want them read, and what to expect (and not expect) during a reading with me. By learning how to rewrite your own akashic records, you can change difficult circumstances and create the conditions that will lead to a happy future. Hack//link, the story revolves around the struggle to control the akashic records of "the world", the mmorpg inside the fiction. How to read the akashic records. Furthermore, although we can access our very own akashic records, we cannot access another’s without their expressed permission. How can i best describe the akashic records to someone in written word. First let me start off by making sure we are all aware of what the akashic records are. Free reading - wave #5 (5-8-17 ~ closed for new requests) started - free akashic records readings - love & light. I know that my own experiences in the future will add to my readings and bring a richer dimension to this very important work. How do i prepare my questions for my reading. I begin working on your behalf prior to us speaking by researching your soul history through the akashic records and clearing away negative energy from your past experiences through the use of spiritual healing and energy clearing techniques. Healing through the akashic records book and companion audio-learning set, this leading expert shares how we can use our wounds—the limiting behaviors or ideas that we hold about ourselves-as a path to inner peace. I perform akashic records readings for people who are dealing with all sorts of issues. Here’s what yoda of star wars say: “the future is forever in motion – difficult to read it is”. One excellent benefit of self-discovery through the akashic records is having a glimpse into who you really are at a fundamental level. I started reading the records by following her process. Within the akasha lies the akashic records. Akashic records have an energy imprint of every thought, emotion, action that's ever happened.  the akashic records are a vast library in the unseen world, holding all the information about your soul’s journey throughout time since it’s inception. In person, you can bring your own recording. Viable theories of akashic physics should keep the apparently lost information safely stored. Our group offers resources for learning how to read the akashic records through linda howe's.

What is an akashic records healing. The reader gives this information through the inherent love that permeates the records and with as little interpretation as possible so that the message remains true. The guides and the keepers of the akashic records have helped me to see that this is drawing the circle of possibility too small. Why do you add numerology to your readings. All events, words, thoughts and feelings that have ever occurred in the history and even future of your life, as a soul, will be recorded in the akashic records. In a life reading, nancy will help you get a better handle on where you are at this juncture in your life. Through akashic record readings, i can identify, describe and reconnect you with your soul family—whether yours originated among the stars, the gods or the angels. I love the akashic records. A reading can warn us about tendencies, patterns,. The records are like that.  what matters most about the method you choose is that it aligns with who you are as a person and that it allows you to comfortably experience the most effective readings possible. The akashic record is a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. How easily you can find your soulmate can be answered in an akashic record reading. Can i book a reading for someone else. This state of consciousness allows the practitioner to perceive the impressions and vibrations of the records. The akashic records, also called the akasha, is another name for the book of life, an immaterial, universal log where records are being kept of everything that has been done, said or thought from the beginning of time till the present moment. Comprise the ‘recording crystals’ within the recorder cell or akashic of. All sacred activation akashic record classes are interactive, which means you will be paired with other attendees in the class to practice what you are learning. It remains unclear whether or not intuitive readings and akashic record readings do always differ, or whether those experiences simply vary between individual mediums. Akashic records readings – what are the akashic records. You do not need any previous akashic records experience to get started. The understanding and learning from your akashic records raises your awareness and knowledge that will bring you more peace, power and healing into your life. Every person is entitled to access their own akashic records. An akashic reading shows potentials, clarifies what you already may know, and it answers questions you have. After nearly two decades of spiritual searching, i encountered the akashic records in 1994. The higher self are often due to knowledge gained from the records. This feeling is stronger when i'm in the records but pervades my everyday life. The akashic records is the clearest, most practical and down to earth source of guidance. You will find that there is never anything true about drugs with akashic records. Carol gave me an excellent reading. She also does psychic training including teaching others “how to read the akashic records”. While we are in the records, i can only describe what is being shown or told to me and cannot offer my own opinion of what is being shown. How to read the akashic records, i decided, after a lot of stops and starts and much struggle and panic and tears, that it was just time to let go of all of this. He said he inspected them at the theosophical society headquarters in adyar (tamil nadu), india in 1910 and recorded the results in his book. I offer a course in which i teach people how exactly i do akashic record readings. As you can imagine, being able to access the akashic record allows you to provide some really interesting information about a soul’s past, present and future.

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Sylvia, the channeled akashic reading you provided for me was amazing. Just wanted you to know how much i appreciated the reading you did for me and how much it has helped me. What do your akashic records say about you. In certain circumstances, or with those already attuned and returning for more readings, highly focused readings might happen in just half an hour. In various media by type-moon the ultimate goal of the magi of the mage's association is to find a path to obtain the akashic records. People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection or when someone is placed under deep hypnosis. The akashic records, when used correctly, can be an incredible resource. To assist us in becoming more proficient at accessing the records, howe shares a simple but reliable entry method that minimizes the two most common entry blocks: fear and the ego. Everything that has ever happened, is happening and can happen is recorded in the akashic records. The akashic records are the energetic records of all souls. Well, here's great news for you: you don't have to be psychic to access your own akashic records. Please click here to find details about the akashic records. Her akashic records readings and ability to relay messages from my spirit team have enhanced my life beyond measure. The best way to do this are through self hypnosis, reiki way or linda howe’s pathway prayer process. An akashic record reading will reveal past, present and future information about each soul, and this information is given in divine time to help guide you in the right direction. Comfortable with accessing the akashic records for yourself, you may access it for. How i became an akashic records intuitive. We'll also cover mediumship and past life readings. The most notable mystic and psychic who routinely assessed the akashic records in the form of readings for individuals, was edgar cayce. 1 hour akashic record birthday reading . The akashic records are referred to by edgar cayce, who stated that each person is held to account after life and 'confronted' with their personal akashic record of what they have or have not done in life in a karmic sense. How to open your heart center and receive the keys to the divine, infinitely wise, unconditionally loving, realms of the akashic records. Akashic records are a wonderful gift and the more love you put into the process the more you will receive from it. Up to this point, our own condition, any pattern of addiction or codependency, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual suffering can be traced by the akashic records. A reading can be very empowering and healing. Readings are $80 and last an hour. “durga did an akashic reading for me which covered me and three of my children. As the records is thought of as an energetic field or as thoughts and words held in vibration, it may be possible to get a sense of the akashic records through the following visualization:. I’m a feeler i’m such a emotional person and i can sense things and see things while it’s in motion or before it occurs…  i had this dream and then i shared on a fb post of my life not feeling fulfilling then you did this reading…. It is always a surprise to me too, since no one can tell what the reading is going to entail until i’m already channelling. Pamela teaches sound healing and angelic healing practitioner, and psychic development trainings, offers angel readings & connect to your guides sessions and a spiritual life coaching program. I had never heard of such a thing as an akashic reading, until sometime last summer a dear friend suggested i get one for my son. The concept of the akashic records has been referred to in every spiritual tradition on the planet.